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Php Syntax Check


Rapid PHP Editor 2006

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PHP Expert Editor

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Powerful, quick and
PHP Expert Editor is a
Audio and video player for
sophisticated PHP editor.
powerful and easy-to-use PHP
Windows that supports all
Convenient features enable
IDE for Windows. This Editor
popular media files and
you to instantly create and
specially designed for
music CDs. Use DirectX
edit not only PHP, but also
PHP-masters and has a nice
plug-ins to turn Juke into a
features for beginners and
professional music
JavaScript code, while
professional programmers.
production system with an
integrated tools allow you
PHP Expert Editor has
equalizer, compressor and
to easily validate, reuse,
internal HTTP-server and
navigate and format your
Debugger to run, test and
code. Suitable both for
debug PHP scripts, the
experts and enthusiasts.
PHP Syntax Check,
Features include syntax
internal browser, Code
highlighting, auto complete,
Explorer, File Explorer, FTP
PHP syntax check, PHP
client, Project Explorer,
function hints, file and FTP
Code Templates.
explorer, code templates,
utf-8 and more.

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